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Context High

Alpaca - Liabilities
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Brady Kenneth

That's The Way She Goes

That's The Way She Goes - Brady Kenneth
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Whiskey Talks

Love Me Loud

She Burns The World - Whiskey Talks
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Jordan St.Cyr


Who Are You (To Leave Me Alone) - Jordan St.Cyr
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Who we are

Our Story

Gerry St.Cyr, Evan St.Cyr and Marshall Krahn, had for more than 10 years desired to own a state of the art recording studio whereby their dream of creating, producing and mastering amazing music would be realized.

Our Vision

We are a passionate group of people insanely in love with all things music!

Our love of great music encourages us to consistently strive for quality and excellence within the music industry.  This coupled with our visually inspiring atmosphere ensures the artist an exceptional studio experience.

Allowing the artist room to create then capturing their signature  sound is what Arcade is all about. We are singers, songwriters, engineers and performers. This gives us the unique privilege of guiding a project from conception to completion.

Our Technology

They knew that if this dream was ever going to get off the ground they would have to jump.  Thus the first makeshift studio was set up in an old machine shed on the outskirts of town.  Although not pretty, it was here that they added to their years of recording knowledge and continued their quest to find that incredible sound.

An opportunity to build a new studio presented itself and the guys instinctively knew that this was the next step of their journey. Determined to financially keep their heads above water, they, along with the help of family and friends, slowly yet consistently, constructed their dream space over the next two years.  Their attention to detail, so evident in the studio itself, is indicative of the excellence they aspire to and the passion they share in creating great music.

Arcade studios always aims for the highest quality of production possible therefore we are equipped with only state of the art gear.

Our front house consists of Neve 5088 preamps, eq’s and compressors along with an array of many other outboard options including: Universal Audio, Avalon, Urie and Empirical Labs. All are routed through an Avid HDX system with two Avid 192 AD/DA 16x16 converters that assure a clean, no latency recording with high track counts. Powered by a super-charged Apple Mac Pro and Pro Tools HD software which eliminates any system interruptions.

Our mic locker is stocked in order to capture a multitude of sounds and includes the following: Neumann U87’s, U47’s, KM 184’s, AKG 414’s, D112’s/D12’s, ElectroVoice RE20’s, Royer R-121’s, Mojave MA-100Sp’s, Sennheiser MD 421’s, Shur Beta 58’s, 57’s, SM7’s, Audio Technica 4033’s, Yamaha SKRM-100’s, and the list goes on…

Where we are

E-290 Main Street

Niverville, Manitoba, Canada

R0A 0A2